Monday, October 7, 2013

A quiet rant

Okay, so manifestly NO ONE is reading my writings except maybe half a dozen of my closest friends. The pageviews tell the tale. I'm not going to beat myself up with the obvious implications of that.

Still, if this vehicle serve no other purpose, it's an opportunity to vent, and I have a thought on my mind that I really want to expand on so here goes: Jerry Springer is my enemy.

I have online acquaintances, what might be termed friends if the term can be applied to those who fall in that category on Facebook, who've appeared on that show. I regret that what I'm about to say can easily be taken as a slam against them but that's not my intent. it's a slam against Jerry. I'll admit that I consider it an act of either desperation or exceedingly poor judgement for a trans person to ever set foot on that stage, but such is the culture we live in, where being on TV is the ultimate win.

Why am I so passionate about this? Simple. For all the talk about the specifically hateful profiteers and political actors out there (I'm looking at you, Bryan Fischer) who, indeed, need to be countered - the average ignorant (is that redundant?) American is more heavily influenced by pop culture than be religious flamethrowers. In short, a very great many of those who would profess a willingness to "whoop my ass" for the bathroom i use, and quite possibly actually follow through, form their views of people like me based on the over-the-top bullshit on Springer.

"Ah," but you say, "intelligent people know that Springer isn't real and that's all just an act for fun."

Do they? We're talking about a populace that regularly assaults actors for the actions of the characters they play. I do not for one minute assume that the majority of Springer's audience thinks that nothing they see is real. These are the people who show up at the school board meeting when a trans student ask for respect, they are the ones stampeded into voting against any measure or candidate friendly to our safety; they are the people who won't hire a trans applicant; who will evict a trans tenant.

Jerry Springer knows all this, but he refuses to at least avoid exploiting our situations on his show. He directly fuels the ignorance, misconception, and hatred that costs us heath and happiness and even sometimes our lives. He is my enemy, and your enemy too, whether you know it or not.